Creative Earth Carpentry

The most sustainable fence company in Southern California:

Creative Earth Carpentry is our unique carpentry company that uses 100% recycled urban timber, milled locally in San Diego.

How it started:

We love building custom, high-quality outdoor carpentry projects, but began to feel that it wasn’t aligned with our values to use so much Redwood and Cedar trees taken from forests. Cedar and Redwood are sacred trees, and having lived near heavily timbered forests, I know that even "sustainable" timber operations are devastating to the forest ecosystem. Ipe is a stunning wood, but comes from the Amazon rainforest which is already being deforested at a rate of 3 football fields per minute.

Never from a forest?

We connected with San Diego Urban Timber to bring local trees from the waste stream into your dream outdoor construction project. They run a small local milling operation with trees already taken down by arborists (Including the huge quantity of redwood trees that perished in balboa park) and can mill any size for unique beautiful pieces.

Stain and paint solutions:

The next thing is the stain/coating. We coat our projects only with eco-friendly, non toxic stains from Vermont Natural Coatings. They make high quality stains that outlast even chemical based coatings. The formula is made from whey, a byproduct from the dairy industry. They come in clear and a variety of wonderful colors.